Things to Know About Your Appointment

What You Should & Should Not Eat
Before Your Massage:

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COVID-19 Protocol:

  • You will need a temperature check & mask while signing in
  • The therapist will need to sanitize the area that they will be using in your home. Be prepared to give them space while they are setting up and breaking down.
  • The tip is the only thing that will be changing hands, other appointments should be made by phone

The Massage:

  • Take a very hot shower before your massage
  • The best way to receive a massage is to disrobe/undress completely, keeping in mind you will be covered at all times
  • Underwear can be worn if necessary
  • Bras will need to be removed as well as all jewelry

Tell Your Therapist:

  • Let your therapist know if it’s
    • Too much pressure
    • Too little pressure
    • If you have something ailing you
    • If you are hurting
    • If you are too hot or cold
  • If you need to use the bathroom,
    • HOLD UP BOTH YOUR LEGS. the therapist will take a quick break & come back in 2 minutes (there will be spray near your table for convenience)

After the Massage:

  • Drink extra water
  • Get up slowly after you are done
  • Be careful of the ROSE PETALS & WATCH YOUR SURROUNDING because you can be a little dizzy after your massage
  • You can be a little sore the next day, take a nice Epsom salt soak

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