25 Reasons to Get a Massage

Reasons to Get a Massage

25 Reasons to Get a Massage DOWNLOAD THE PDF Source: Information Provided by AMTA Relieve stress Relieve postoperative pain Reduce anxiety Manage low-back pain Help fibromyalgia pain Reduce muscle tension Enhance exercise performance Relieve tension headaches Sleep better Ease symptoms of depression Improve cardiovascular health Reduce pain of osteoarthritis Decrease stress in cancer patients Improve […]

The Benefits of Essentials Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils

  DOWNLOAD THE PDF Source: www.piedmont.org Benefits of Essential Oils “Essential oils can help relax the body, help you sleep, reduce headaches and enhance massage therapy,” says Thurman. Health Benefits of Aromatherapy Chamomile: Reduce stress Clary sage: Promote relaxation Eucalyptus: Clear sinuses Ginger: Reduce nausea Lavender: Better sleep Lemon: Increase happiness, improve concentration Peppermint: Boost […]

The Benefits of Listening to Music

Benefits of Listening to Music

  DOWNLOAD THE PDF Source: www.healthline.com The Benefits of Listening to Music Music Connects Us Listening to music is a powerful way of uniting people: National anthems connect crowds at sporting events. Hymns build group identity in houses of worship. Love songs help prospective partners bond during courtship. Lullabies enable parents and infants to develop […]

Different Breathing Techniques​

Breathing Techniques.

  download the pdf Source: www.medicalnewstoday.com Different Breathing Techniques​ Diaphragmatic Breathing Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly breathing. It can help strengthen the lungs and make them work more efficiently. If the diaphragm is not working fully, the body will use other muscles for breathing, usually relying on those in the back, neck, or chest. […]